The first Solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) of 2011 will occur on January 4 2011. It is a partial solar eclipse visible from in North Western parts of India, much of Europe, North Africa,
Middle East, and Central Asia.  This Pakshik
Surya Grahan will be visible in Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, and Jammu Kashmir. The penumbral shadow of the Sun first touches in Algeria at 06.40 UT (Universal Time). Western Europe will have partial solar eclipse at sunrise time.

People of European cities such as Madrid (Spain), Paris (France),
London (UK), Copenhagen (Denmark), etc. can view solar eclipse clearly
at sunrise. Northern Sweden will view greatest eclipse at 08.50 UT. The
people of Cairo (Egypt), Jerusalem (Israel), Istanbul (Turkey), and Tehran (Iran) will also see the partial solar eclipse clearly.

Partial eclipse takes place at sunset in Russia, Mongolia, and some parts of China. The partial eclipse ends at 11.00 UT.