The Mahashivratri
Fair of Mandi is very famous in North India. More than 200 gods and goddesses (deities)
will congregate to participate in this centuries old Mahashivratri fair which
will be starting from 3rd March and it will last for one week. It is one of the
biggest religious and traditional festivals in India. It will be celebrated in
the northern states in the temple of Bhutnath, which is dedicated to lord
Shiva. This festival Began in 1526 when the town was founded. Like the Kullu
Dussehra, Mandi's Mahashivratri also sees a congregation of the divine and
temporal. Mandi have almost 60 temples and prominent among those are of
Bhutnath, Triloki Nath, Jagannath, Tarna Devi, and Jalpa Devi. All the kings of
Mandi were the devotees of Lord Shiva. It is believed that ruler Ajbar Sen
saw in his dreams that a cow was offering milk to the image of Lord Shiva. His
dreams turned into reality when he saw that a cow was giving milk to the Shiv idol.
After watching the he built a temple in 1526 named Bhutnath. The actual fair
begins after Mahashivratri. The fair is celebrated with great pomp and show and
lakhs of devotees seeks almighty’s blessings.