jayanti is celebrated as the birth of Lord Hanuman, but it is
extremely significant to know why he is worshiped in this manner. Why
was Hanuman regarded as the greatest devotee of Lord Rama till date.
Hanuman Jayanti is a day dedicated to worshiping the Vanara God,
Hanuman. The devotees go to temples in the morning and take sindhur
from Hanuman’s body and apply as a tilak on their foreheads. It is
believed that Hanuman loves sindhur. There is a myth behind this that
once upon a time Mata Sita was applying sindhur to her head; Hanuman
asked her why she is applying sindhur. Sita replied him that she does
this to make sure a long life of Lord Rama. Each Chalisa becomes our
personal offering to the Lord and we ask him to bless us with
strength, intelligence and knowledge of the Truth so we can attain
the four noble virtues that we seek; dharma, artha, kama and moksha.

celebrate Hanuman Jayanti on the full moon day Purnima of the month
of Chaitra. Hanuman Jayanti falls on the 14th day at sunrise of
Ashvin in the dark fortnight. Varanasi city is one of the most holy
cities of Uttar Pradesh India. All the religious festivals and events
are celebrated here in Benares as it is rich in cultural heritage and
full of many temples, ghats and holy places.

India, Lord Hanuman is worshiped by various names i.e Sankat Mochan,
Bajrangbali, Anjaneya, Bajrang Bali, Maruti, Pavan Kumar, Kesari
Nandan, Bajrangi, Anjani Putra, Pavan Putra, Rudra, Mahavira.