Basant Panchami is a seasonal festival. Vasant Panchami which in the Punjab region is known as the Basant festival of Kites. The festival is observed as a Sikh and Hindu festival on the fifth day of Magha. The celebration of the Vasant Panchami is centered on goddess Saraswati. Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom. She embodies the different facets of learning such as the sciences, arts, crafts and skills. According to legends, this day is also associated with the famous poet ‘Kalidas’. The day when Goddess Saraswati blessed him with wisdom and knowledge is celebrated throughout the nation as Vasant Panchami. So, the festival is celebrated in honor of Goddess Saraswati who is believed to be the giver of education and learning.

The colour yellow has a great significance in the celebration of Vasant Panchami. It is believed to be the symbol of blossoming flowers of mustard. Yellow attire is therefore worn by the followers of Saraswati. Moreover, the sweets and dishes prepared for the festival are usually yellow and saffron in color.

Saraswati Vandana and Prasad added a traditional flavor to the event. All sought blessings of the goddess of knowledge. Basant Panchami is a festival full of religious, seasonal and social significance. It is celebrated by Hindus all over the world with enthusiasm and new sense of optimism.